Message from the founder 

Dear Supporters,

I am pleased to welcome you to Noah Mapalo Help Centre, a non-profit organisation based in the UK (Portsmouth) and Zambia (Lusaka). NMHC is very passionate and committed about empowering families and children in Zambia as well as other African countries. We are all volunteers who works hand in hand with local communities with the objectives to promote community building while improving the quality life of people who are deprived and threatening conditions.

It is with all my gratitude that I thank our team. Because of them, we can make a real difference together in the life of those who are less privileged.

Since 2012, NMHC has been organising creative events both in the UK and Zambia to engage not only the staff but our own community in making an impact. These events have enabled the organisation to raise fund and create impactful projects and programmes which are designed to Empower, engage and educate vulnerable people. Developing communities is at the heart of NMHC with the aim to give hope and make a better place and promote while fostering sustainable communities.

We are looking forward to keeping making a difference and have more fruitful projects. Each time I visit Zambia, there is so much work to be done and it easily gets overwhelming but with you everything is possible. You can encourage us and support us by donating your gifts and talents, volunteer either in the UK or Zambia and any ways we can possibly think of.  

We hope that you can be part of making a difference with us in developing communities, promoting health awareness, education and wellbeing in Zambia and other parts of the world.


Priscilla Muyatwa

Noah Mapalo Help Centre

Let's make a difference for the children of Africa


Phone: (0044) 07 95 80 21 802

Registered SIC: 11806540



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