Founded in 2012, Noah Mapalo Help Centre (NMHC) is a non-profit voluntary organisation operating in Portsmouth (UK) and Baluba (Zambia). Our activities are centered around empowering people by involving Portsmouth’s local communities in sport programmes, social events and community activities. This enables us to promote local businesses, other small charities, non-profit organisations, independent artists and people with diverse skills while tackling issues such as cultural barriers and isolation in Portsmouth.

Furthermore, these fundraising activities also aim at empowering the village of Baluba in Zambia by finishing building the community centre which will be used for diverse purposes such as a school, skills enhancement workshops and medical centre. We also aim to expand our projects to other locations.


Noah Mapalo Help Centre’s mission is to Empower, Engage and Educate communities living in abject poverties in Zambia and other neighboring countries. Our aim is to provide health and well-being, emotional support, education and social community development with the objectives of fostering sustainable communities. We want people to exploit their full potential and encourage economic growth.


To improve the quality life of vulnerable children and families living in abject poverty in Africa and give back into our own communities.